Friday, March 25, 2011


The colors show the life of the folk people. I made this picture to show the bonding relationship of Indians and their animals.

"Pradasam." Indian painting. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.

Black Horse

Symbolizes the animals in India.

"Black Horse." Indian painting. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.

Man and Elephant

This also symbolizes the animals in India.

"Man and Elephant." Innovative Ideas. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.


This image shows how India embraces animals. How we care for them.
"Untitled." Innovative Ideas. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.


Indian hereritage, the movement of the people.

"Untitled." AnthoBlogy. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.

Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy picture, image, poster

This is a light sketching of me. It shows my drawing skills.

"Jamini Roy." Browse Biography. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.

Three Seated Women

This represents the Hindu deities.

"Three seated women." Indian painting. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.

Postage Stamp

This postage stamp was made to symbolize India. It was made for the people.

"Postage." Jayaraman's site. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.


I wanted this picture to have colors that blend well together. the details and symbols captures indias beauty.

"Krishna-Jashoda." Rainbow-the Colours of India. Web. 25 Mar 2011. <>.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is a profile picture of me in 1962. I was located in india at the time .

"Jamini Roy." ignca. Web. 22 Mar 2011. <http;//>.

Mother and Child

This is a painting I did to represent family folk art. This is a bond between a mother and her child in India.

"Mother and Child." Lunablogs. Web. 22 Mar 2011. <>.